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Who is Bhullar Imports?
We are wholesale and retail distributors of south asian groceries and sweets since 1981.   We supply stores in Michigan, Ohio and the Midwest.   
Through word of mouth and happy customers our direct customer pickup and home shipping has grown immensely and we are shipping throughout the US for weddings, parties, birth announcements, etc.
How can I order sweets?
Send email or use contact form. 
For pickup orders - sweets/quantity you want and date of pickup.
For shipping orders add shipping address and date of your function.
Why are you only open in Detroit
Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm for pickups?
This is our warehouse / shipping location only.  It is not a full service retail outlet.  
Why do I have to order in advance? 
Will I get old sweets?
We have four locations and supply many stores and restaurants. 
We need to time to process your order and keep sweets on the side.  
We need time to pack gift boxes and make sure you have the sweets you want on time.
Your truck delivers to the store near me.  Can you drop my order there?
Where can I see or sample the sweets?
We have sweets on display at our retail store in Windsor, Ontario. 
You can come in and purchase sweets in small quantity to take home and try.
Alternatively you can order a sample box of sweets to be picked up at the Detroit warehouse.   Please order at least 1 week in advance by email.  Include sweets and quantity.  Ex. 2 motichoor ladoo, 2 milk cake, etc.  We will call you for credit card #.
Why are you telling me I may have to substitute sweet?
This is due to current material and labor shortage situation throughout the supply chain.  We try our best to give everything you order. 
I have a special function.  How do I know I will get my order?
We realize our customers are ordering for special functions.   
We treat every event as it was our own.  
Having experience for over 40 years ... we do not take a order if we don't think it can be fulfilled. 
Please order early and receive your sweets early.
Do you cut the sweets in half?
How do I store the sweets?
Keep in fridge or freezer.  Take out the day of use and leave at room temperature.
I want my friend to pick up sweets for me. Can I pay in advance?
We can take the credit card number for payment at time of order.
How do sweets get shipped?
There are 4 ways to get sweets:
  1. Pick up at our retail store in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.    We are right across the border from Detroit.  We have a full line of south asian groceries including sweets, samosas, frozen, etc.  Please call our retail store at 519-254-5966 if you are looking for something specific.
  2. Pick up at our warehouse in  Detroit Michigan.   You can pre-order and pickup.   
  3. Home Shipping by UPS   Sweets or gift boxes can be shipped to anywhere in USA by UPS Ground.  Please visit www.bhullarhome or send us email or quote.
  4. Home Shipping by 3rd Party Trucking Company.  We can ship larger orders by trucking company. 

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